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The Goold Family

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Although there are pages that are accessible by the general public, viewing most of the content requires that you be a “Registered User”. That can be accomplished by creating an account (see “Create an account” at the left under “Site Login”). You will be notified whether or not your registration has been approved. Immediate family members will generally be approved with no questions asked; non-family members or those whose relationship is not clear, will be vetted. This is not a public web site. is registered by John and Susan Goold. Their genealogy interests extend to the family surnames:

  • Goold — mainly England and Ireland
  • Judd — mainly Ireland
  • O’Dea — mainly Newfoundland, Canada

Oh, that’s my Grandmother Goold (née O’Shea) in the picture at the left. It was taken in the late 1950’s or early 1960’s.